Choosing The Right Minibus Service

Make The Right Choice

We know there are so many companies online that offer minibus hire and some with or without a driver. Here at K C Travel we only offer a minibus hire with a driver and we know what you should look for when hiring one. This should include –

Is the driver fully insured? Your safety and your guests safety is paramount and as avid drivers ourselves we have witnessed lots of people using a non licensed or even uninsured driver in some cases. What would happen if there was an accident?

The vehicle, is it roadworthy? With an unsafe vehicle it could cause many issues including a repair at the roadside that could prevent onward travel and all after your planning that probably took months.

The company, do they have reviews online that you can take a look at? Are they a real company with a positive history. If you think not your probably right to look elsewhere.

Costs – Yes there are costs involved for all minibus hire companies but if you have had a price that is too good to be true make sure you do your research on that company. Here at K C Travel we believe our prices reflect the service we offer but we often hear of people paying way above the odds too. Just give us a call should you have any questions.

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